Bio-Pro Phyto keratin mask

Bio-Pro Phyto keratin mask is a highly professional BIO-VEGAN certified product designed for poodles, restructuring, repairing, performing, anti-frizz, smoothing, dermatologically safe and of plant origin, with wheat protein (Phyto-keratin Organic) and soy protein. It has a repairing and hydrating action, giving the coat a healthier and brighter look, gives support and strengthens the coats making them stronger and full-bodied. Wheat Proteins or Phyto - Organic Keratin are the 100% Biological vegetable substitute of Keratin of animal origin, the perfect ingredient that acts on the sectors where the fiber is damaged by improving the consistency of the coat. Soy Protein has a high content of proteins, lipids and the vitamin E is a cure-all for stressed coats that need maintenance; the hair will be brighter and softer. Great for all long haired breeds.

Bio-Pro Phyto keratin mask is recommended:

For poodle breed and for all breeds with types of hair to be restored and nourished.

Ideal for preparing the mantle of poodles for cuts and beauty shows.

Repairs excessively damaged cloaks.

How to use our Mask

Dilute the mask Bio-Pro Phyto Keratin 1/30 and apply on the coat, massage gently, leave on 10/15 minutes and rinse. For an even more effective result we recommend using Bio-Pro Phyto keratin shampoo and Bio-Pro Phyto Keratin spray sprayed on the coat during drying.

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