Biosilk Mask with Silk Proteins 250 ML - 1 LT - 5 LT

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Biosilk mask professional and of high quality with silk proteins and natural extracts specific for dogs and cats.
Format : 250ml


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Mask with silk proteins

BIOSILK MASK with silk proteins and with no rinse method, highly professional with Lavandula, aloe vera and amino acids is indicated for dogs and cats with curly, long and medium hair.

Its exclusive formulation is made by natural ingredients of biological agriculture with a conditioning, untangling, restoring and softening action.

-Silk proteins are a mixture of quaternized proteins which thanks to their cationic nature give conditioning and softening properties. Do not harden and stiffen the hair. They improve the manageability of the curly coat giving it softness and brightness.

-Lavender is a cure-all for the coat thanks to its soothing, antiseptic and healing properties.

- Amino acids have a regenerating effect; they recompact the coat fiber giving it body, structure, vitality and shine.

- Aloe vera completes everything by making the body soft and velvety.

Even from the first treatments there is an evident and immediate regenerative action, the no-rinse method leaves no residue and does not weigh down the hair.

Biosilk mask is recommended:

For all dogs and feline breeds with long, curly and medium hair and for puppies.

To nourish and restore the hair.

For the following dog breeds: Poodle, Maltese, Bichon Frise, Lagotto Romagnolo, Bedlington Terrier, Golden, Chihuahua with long hair, Pug, Chow-Chow, Border Collie etc.

How to use our mask

Dilute Biosilk mask 1/40 in warm water and distribute it over the wet coat.

Gently massage and brush the coat to allow the product to be absorbed, leave on for 15/20 minutes and then proceed to dry the hair without rinsing.

For best results, it is recommended to use Biosilk Shampoo.

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