Aries biopetcosmetic

Is born from the love and passion of its founders for animals and nature

It is an Italian Company engaged in the production of organic cosmetics with the aim to offer a safe and guaranteed product, animal and environmentally friendly, thanks to the most innovative cosmetics technologies combines its formulations with the precious wisdom of nature exclusively Made in Italy. 

Aries biopetcosmetic is born from the love and passion for animals and nature, leading company in ITALY in animal cosmetics focused exclusively on raw materials of natural vegetable origin and biological agriculture without colour stabilizers and chemical additives, with performance lines of high level for Professional Groomers, Farmers and also for domestic use. Creating an innovative line of biological products, Aries biopetcosmetic wants to make the moment of grooming easy for the groomer and pleasant for the dog ensuring the protection and the delicate hydrolipid balance of its skin, preserving the structure of the air and exalting the beauty of the coat. Wellness and beauty: thanks to natural active ingredients, it is respectful of animals and nature. “Each skin has its own needs” … Aries knows it! Aries biopetcosmetic is a Brand Made in Italy for over 20 years; in the cosmetic field of grooming it has become an important reference point for professionals working in the sector .

Thanks to the experience gained in research and activities, it takes care of the well-being of your little friends with professionalism, carefully selecting the high quality of raw materials, mainly from biological agriculture only made in Italy. Combining aesthetic beauty with the well-being of the animal: this is the aim that has always distinguished Aries biopetcosmetic. Thanks to research and innovation in the cosmetic field of grooming, it has been developed the innovative protective complex to preserve the microbial balance of the skin (skin microbiota) and the coat of our animal friend to protect their health and their beauty over time and to ensure the protection of the groomer’s hands. Our products offer highly professional effective treatments for every type of hair and are designed for both the professional groomer and the owner who wants to take care of the cleaning of his pet. The high quality of products, formulated exclusively with vegetable active ingredients and essential oils from biological agriculture, combine the pleasure of nature with technological innovation, thus creating a wide range of high quality that meets the demands of all types and weaving of the hair. We are constantly looking for innovative raw materials, trend fragrances having as a priority a strict and punctual quality control. In 2014, Aries biopetcosmetic wins the Prestigious and Coveted Award "STAR GROOMING AWARDS" as BEST ITALIAN INNOVATIVE COMPANY

In 2017 it was the First Italian Company to realize the Natural Line CLOUD, designed exclusively for Cats, presenting a revolutionary method in cosmetics for feline breeds and opening a new scenario in the world of grooming. In 2018 the Glamour Italian Style line was born, a line of professional scissors for groomers, innovative, performing and fashion of a Made in Italy production.

In 2018 it was also born the Tecno-Grooming line, a line of professional grooming shirts with technical fabric, lightweight, breathable but above all fashion of a Made in Italy production.

Aries biopetcosmetic is also synonymous with kindness and availability in customer care after the purchase, constantly ensuring the advice of experienced and helpful staff. When we imagined Aries biopetcosmetic, we realized that... Nature had already created it! We think that the commitment, the constancy and the seriousness that pushed us to realize this project so unique, is worth more than many words.