ENERGY MASK 1:50 PLUS is a highly concentrated product, suitable for all types of dull, weakened and damaged coats, for all types of breeds and hair.

It is a special blend made with natural extracts from biological agriculture: Aloe Barbadensis and Chamomile Recutita that confer a decongestant, refreshing, regenerating, relaxing and soothing action.

Macadamia and Jojoba oils are a blend of multi-functional oils with a light touch; they do not grease and nourish even the driest coats while the vitamin E has a strong restructuring action together with the presence of vitamin C and panthenol.

Thanks to the refined formula, it confers an exceptional conditioning, hydrating, smoothing and polishing power.

It is suitable for ring coats and it is a thermo protector from hair straightener in the preparation of packages for long-haired breeds.

Energy mask plus is recommended:

For all dog and feline breeds.

For dull, weakened and damaged coats.

For the preparation of ring coats and of the packages for long-haired breeds.

Energy mask 1:50 Plus can be applied with a dilution till 1:50, mix the product with warm water and mix with an immersion blender; apply the lotion on the coat, massage, leave on for 10/15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

For best results, it is recommended to use Energy Hyper Degreasing Shampoo 1:50

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