Bio-Pro Phyto-Keratin spray 250 ML

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Bio-Pro Phyto-Keratine restructuring professional spray with hydrating and nourishing effect 100% natural.


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Restructuring serum for the hair.

Bio-Pro Phyto-keratin spray is a highly restructuring and performing product made of vegetal proteins from wheat and soya.

The union of these two proteins make the internal structure of the hair stronger by sealing the cuticles.

Wheat proteins perform a hydrating and nourishing action, they are excellent conditioning and substantivizing of the hair and reduce the skin irritation.

Wheat proteins or Phyto-Keratin are a 100% vegetal substitute of the Keratin, they are the perfect ingredient to improve the consistency, the hydration and the shine of the damaged hair giving resistance and strength to the coat of the animal. Soy has a high content of proteins, lipids and vitamin E and it is a cure-all for stressed coats that need maintenance.

Bio-Pro Phyto-Keratin is recommended:

For compresses and preparation of packages for Dog Show in long hair breeds that will enjoy an excellent and healthy benefit.

It is indicated for the restoration and the daily maintenance of the most demanding and stressed coats.

For the preparation of dogs for EXPO and Show Dog.

How to use our Serum

Spray evenly over the wet coat in drying phase.

If the dog hair is particularly stressed, it is recommended to use 20 ml of Bio-Pro Phyto-Keratin per 50 ml of Aries Masks in order to improve the performance of the product and achieve an excellent result.

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