I Care derm terapy dermatological curative shampoo 250 ml - 1 lt

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The care derm therapy shampoo curative dermatological and certified aiab and vegan for dogs and cats.
Format : 250ml


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Dermatological curative shampoo

I Care Derm Therapy Eco organic curative shampoo is a specific veterinary product for irritated scalps, highly professional, formulated with raw materials from organic farming with double certification. It has a protective action on the physiological skin function, ideal for cleansing skin with the presence of bacteria, mycosis, dermatitis, mites and superficial skin anomalies. The exclusive mix of organic natural extracts make up an exclusive and effective formulation with its balanced and stabilized pH. it is recommended for skin affected by dermatitis, mycosis and possible proliferation of microorganisms, it helps to regain one’s functional balance. it is an effective adjuvant to be used in combination with the I Care Derm Therapy Lotion in the intensive treatment phase, which helps to counteract bacterial colonization. It protects the skin, helping to maintain the integrity of the skin barrier and the microbial balance. The best result is obtained by using the product in combination with I Care Derm Therapy lotion.

I care is the first Aiab and Vegan certified dermatological line.

I care derm therapy shampoo is recommended:

For irritated and reddened skin.

For flaking, dermatitis and mycosis.

For dehydrated skin and with dandruff.

How to use our certified soothing shampoo

How to use our Shampoo

Dilute the shampoo, apply it on the dry coat if possible after brushing it, massage gently and distribute it all over the hair, leave it to act for 3-5 minutes and rinse. 

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