Vegetal White Shampoo 250 ML - 1 LT - 5 LT

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Vegetal White shampoo professional and of high quality with lemon, hawthorn and natural extracts specific for dogs and cats.
Format : 250ml


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Whitening shampoo

VEGETAL WHITE is a professional shampoo with whitening and brightening effect, suitable for black and white coats.

The natural formulation is created with ingredients from biological agriculture such as: lemon, hawthorn and coffea arabica.

Lemon is antibacterial, refreshing and polishing.

Hawthorn has a purifying and astringent effect.

Coffea Arabica has a tonifying and purifying effect.

Used regularly, it keeps the coat white and shiny for a long time; it helps to remove the spots and the yellow stains without damaging the structure of the hair.

Vegetal white shampoo is recommended:

For all dog and feline breeds with white coat.

To purify, polish and counter the yellowing of the hair.

For the following dog breeds: Bolognese, Bichon Frisé, Maltese, Poodle, West Highland, White terrier, Pomeranian, Coton de Tulèar.

How to use our shampoo

Dilute Vegetal White shampoo 1/10, apply it over the dry coat and wet slowly, leave on a couple of minutes and rinse. Then repeat the operation and rinse thoroughly.

If necessary, for the extremely yellowed coats, use the pure product for the first shampoo.

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