Shiny Bio Shine Shampoo 250 ml - 1 lt - 5 lt

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Shiny Bio Shine shampoo is a highly professional product designed for dogs and cats and is specific for all breeds with dull and dull coats.
Format : 250ml


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Shiny Bio Shining Shampoo

Shiny Bio Shine Shampoo is a highly professional product for dogs and cats, specific for all breeds with dull and dull coats.

Contains a mix of precious organic active ingredients such as coconut oil, linseed, soy protein, sunflower seeds, almond oil and olive oil, enriched with red vine extract and phytokeratin for a brilliant effect and a finish bright.

The Shiny Bio shine shampoo is light for the coat, useful even in situations of dry skin where olive oil is a precious element for its emollient properties, giving shine to the coat.

Coconut oil has a hydrating and shiny effect, leaving the fur manageable, elastic, soft and shiny.

Shiny Bio Shampoo cleanses the skin and coat, effectively eliminates dirt and grease particles, designed to cleanse and enhance color and natural shine, envelops the coat protecting it from pollution and atmospheric agents, sealing split ends and eliminating frizz.

The red vine extract and phytokeratin significantly enrich the quality of the product by strengthening thin and fragile hair, conditioning and disciplining the coat with emollient and refreshing astringent extracts on the skin, leaving the coat to be easy to handle, elastic, soft and ultra-shiny.

Shiny Bio shine shampoo is recommended:

For dark and black coats.

To cleanse and shine the fur giving a shiny effect.

To obtain an anti-frizz effect.

Recommended Breeds: Maltese, Afghan Hound, Pomeranian, Cocker Spaniel, Pug, French Bulldog, Pinscher, Doberman, Shetland Scottish Shepherd

How to use our Shampoo

Dilute the Shiny Bio Shine Shampoo by 1/10 and apply to the dry coat, massage delicately, rinse and repeat the operation if necessary. For an even more effective result, we recommend using the Shiny Bio shine mask.

How to dilute our shampoo 

1/10 = 10 ml of product (one tablespoon) in 100 ml of water (1 plastic glass) 

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