Powder for ears cleansing

POWDER EARS STRIP is a fine and impalpable powder specifically designed to remove with extreme simplicity the hair that grow in the auricle of the dog.

Very useful for stripping treatment, especially for the most difficult areas such as ears, cheeks and back areas of the dog.

Its composition with aloe vera makes the powder soothing, healing, astringent, purifying and antibacterial.

Boric acid is antiseptic and antibacterial for the disinfection of skin areas irritated by the stripping; it helps in the prevention of possible infections and accumulations of mites.

Powder is recommended:

For all dog and feline breeds which need stripping.

To remove hair from ears, cheeks and back areas.

How to use our Powder

Apply the powder inside the auricle, leave on a couple of minutes and proceed with the removal of the hair.

Apply the product on the area that has to be stripped and proceed with the stripping.

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