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    Air freshener Red Velvet Firenze 1956 + wicks 500 ml
    Air freshener Red Velvet Firenze 1956 + wicks 500 ml

Air freshener Red Velvet Firenze 1956 + wicks 500 ml

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Red Velvet is an air freshener with an intensely vinous and fruity fragrance made in Italy, designed by master perfumers, ideal for all environments, specific for environments where our beloved furry friends live.
500 ml


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Each fragrance has been carefully selected by our master perfumers and is the result of the skilful combination of essences with a high concentration of essential oils that make it unique, craftsmanship, innovation and careful attention to detail combined with the best and finest raw materials.

Red Velvet perfumer is a gift of nature from which its enveloping scent comes to life consisting of a fragrance with an evocative wine color and intense notes of grapes, berries, orange blossom, vanilla, white musk, spices, bound essential oils in perfect harmony. An enveloping and persistent fragrance that draws its origins from the Florentine Renaissance. The idea of ​​this perfumer was born to interpret in a modern key the ancient tradition of the processing of essences by master perfumers inspired by the ancient city of FLORENCE 1956. The choice of the fragrance is a journey that stimulates the sense of smell to excite, evoke, transport in this land rich in art, history and knowledge. The authentic face of Tuscany, where nature and culture blend into a precious elixir.

Red Velvet perfumer is a sublime agreement between the sweet and fruity notes of grapes and berries, the soft notes of vanilla and white musk, the citrus notes of orange, orange blossom and the fruity notes of apple and peach, which give body.

The intense but pleasant scent of a Tuscan red is ideal for giving relaxation and well-being to our animal friends.
Each fragrance tells a different story and embellishes the design and scent of every environment.

Red Velvet Perfumer gives the environment a refined and persistent scented aura even with our animal friends, the fragrance is diffused thanks to the black wicks which, immersed in the liquid, absorb the perfume, diffusing it into the air.

  • Top notes: Apple, Raspberry.
  • Heart notes: Exotic fruit, red grapes, peach.
  • Base notes: Vanilla, White Musk, Orange, Orange Blossom 

The air fresheners of the ARIES brand are a true elixir for those who love to perfume their home and grooming with taste and refinement.

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