Màkari Bio Color Brown Shampoo is conceived to enhance the beauty of brown coats, a highly professional product designed to give back to brown and chocolate coats their natural color, innovative because it brings the coat back to the original color penetrating deep into the hair structure. Its organic formulation with Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary and Cananga oil gives splendor to the mantle, Nourishes, Hydrates, Restructures and gives Body and Volume to the mantle of the Poodles. The Cananga Oil eliminates frizz giving strength and brightness to the arid and discolored coats making them more full-bodied and silky highlighting the natural reflections. Rosemary Oil has a purifying action on the skin and restructuring on the lengths. Chamomile, with soothing properties, makes it a regenerating and relaxing shampoo. Màkari Bio Color Brown Shampoo combines in a single product a gentle cleansing biological shampoo to a revolutionary natural coloring treatment.

Màkari Bio Color Brown Shampoo is recommended:

To enrich the coats with shades of brown.

For damaged and discoloured hair.

To revive the intensity and shine of the coat.

How to use our Shampoo

It is recommended to do the pre-shampoo to prepare the hair for the treatment Màkari Bio Color. Dilute the shampoo Makàri Bio Color Brown 1/5 and apply on wet coat, massage gently to facilitate the absorption of the product, leave on 5/10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. For an even more effective result we recommend using Màkari Bio Color Brown mask. During the use of the product it is recommended to use gloves.

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