Màkari Bio Color Black Mask is a highly professional biological product, designed to regenerate and enhance the beauty of black coats, innovative because it brings the mantle to the original color penetrating deep into the hair structure. It revives, tones, gives brightness, brilliance and intensity of color to the coat. Its special formulation is rich in biological extracts plant; blueberry, revitalizing and antioxidant; Rubus fruticosus, purifying and refreshing; lavender, balancing and soothing, along with vitamin E give moisturizing and shine to dry, damaged and exploited coats. Màkari bio Color Black Mask has a high balancing power of sebum, restructuring, protective and highlighting. Within the formula are present thin pigments that guarantee the complete saturation of hair color giving a uniform, deep and intense highlight. It enhances the color of the coat effectively in shades of black.

Màkari Bio Color Black Mask is recommended:

For exploited, damaged and discolored coats.

To restore hydration and shine.

How to use our Mask

Dilute the Màkari Bio Color Brown mask 1/30 and apply evenly over the entire length of the wet coat, massage gently to facilitate the absorption of the product, leave on 10/15 minutes and rinse. For an even more effective result we recommend using Màkari Bio Color Brown shampoo. During the use of the product it is recommended to use gloves.

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