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Dry Clean dermo protective mousse

Dry Clean dermo protective mousse is a no-rinse dry shampoo created with raw materials of biological agriculture: calendula and essentials oils. It has a relaxing and delicate fragrance which does not cause problems to dogs’ and cats’ sense of smell and nourish the hair in depth. Calendula is excellent for the cleaning and the hygiene of the coat, rich in antioxidants and vitamin A. It is suitable to guarantee the daily hygiene without the use of water for dogs, cats and puppies. It is a product that can be used between a traditional wash and the other, in order to keep your furry friend always clean and perfumed. Even if your puppy is washed every month and frequently brushed, sometimes it happens that you feel an unpleasant smell due for example to the pee or to the hair wet from the rain. If you don’t solve the problem immediately, this unpleasant smell could become more annoying above all if the dog lives in the house and used to lie down on sofas and armchair. Our perfumed dry shampoo is perfect to overcome this problem because it absorbs and neutralizes odours and in addition it hydrates, gives light and shine to the coat.

Dry Clean mousse dry shampoo is recommended:

For all dog and feline breeds and in particular for puppies.

For the cleaning and the hygiene with frequent washes.

To eliminate unpleasant smells.

How to use our Shampoo:

Shake well before use. Evenly distribute the product on the coat and gently massage until complete absorption. Remove the excess mousse together with the dirt using a dry cloth and brush the hair.

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