Professional Carder Large Black

CARDER Large Tecno-grooming is a professional carder designed to meet every need, with carefully selected materials.

Suitable for every type of hair and for every breed, excellent for untangling, ironing and volumizing the hair.

It has an ultra soft cushion to be gentle on the skin and not break the hair and also has high quality steel teeth that do not ruin the coat.

The teeth are made in such a way that they do not scratch the skin and do not damage the hair, using this special carder will allow you to do the job in half the time.

The anatomical and ergonomic shape of the handle is designed not to strain the wrist, so techno-grooming carders are used especially by professional groomers but are also a valid help for those at home who want to keep the soft coat free of knots.

Professional Carder Large is recommended:

For all breeds of all dog and feline sizes.

For fluffy, woolly and long hairs

For curly, cotton and thick undercoat coats.

For dense coats so as to work them to the root.

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