Hyper detangling milk

Break up hyper detangling milk is a spray treatment able to untangle the knots suitable for long and curly coats of cats and dogs.

Its special hyper detangling formulation with Aloe Vera performs an exceptional detangling, restructuring, moisturizing and strengthening action for the elimination of knots and skeins.

This special Milk is successful even on the most difficult knots, prevents the shear, leaves the hair shiny and soft without breaking it. The result is guaranteed.

Break up Milk is recommended:

For all dog and feline breeds with damaged and felted coats.

To eliminate knots and prevents the formation of new ones.

To have stillness e manageability to comb the hair.

How to use our Milk

Spray the quantity You need over the dirty hair at the base of the knots and brush with a comb until the knots are eliminated

It can be used also during the drying process for the complete elimination of knots.

For best results, it is recommended to use the complete method: break up shampoo, break up mask and break up conditioner spray.

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