Lotion unpleasant to insects

Berganeem Spray Lotion cames from the perfect combination between two natural biological elements of high quality: bergamot oil and neem oil which synergically create a “barrier effect” against parasites, mosquitoes, fleas, horseflies and ticks. Together with other elements of biological agriculture such as melaleuca, tea tree, Lavandula, Mentha piperita, thyme and zinc which clean the oily and impure skin deeply and gently, the berganeem spray lotion hydrates and creates an insect repellent action.

The bergamot is a citrus fruit typically Italian, grown exclusively in Calabria with massive pharmacological properties such as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Among its many properties it is an excellent insect repellent, an anti-stress and a deodorant par excellence. It has the power to neutralize strong odours and is perfect to freshen, soften and tone the skin.

Moreover, the bergamot oil is effective against insects being a natural bactericide. It makes the berganeem lotion unpleasant to insects but at the same time it is delicate for the skin and the hair of the animal.

The Neem oil is a vegetal oil known all over the world for its extraordinary properties and for its multiple applications; in fact, it is able to contrast not only insects and parasites but also bacteria and fungus.

The Neem oil as all the vegetal oils owns hydrating, softening, regenerating and restructuring properties for the hair.

The exclusive matrix of Bergamot and Neem’s essential oils creates a natural “barrier effect” making the product unpleasant to insects but with a fruity and citrus fragrance.

It is recommended to use the spray lotion at the beginning of the spring as prevention together with the berganeem shampoo.

Berganeem spray lotion it is recommended:

For puppies, aged dogs and cats, pregnant animals or in contact with children.

For the prevention, unpleasant to insects and parasites.

As a natural protection – barrier effect for the summer period.

How to use our spray lotion

Summer period treatment: spray uniformly on the hair of the animal every 2–3 days a week ensuring that the product arrives to the hair of the treated animal.

Maintenance and prevention treatment: spray the product on the hair of the animal every 10 days according to seasonal needs.

For best results, it is recommended to use Berganeem shampoo.

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