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    Kit Metodo Break up Iper Districante

Kit Metodo Break up Iper Districante

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Promo Berganeem with Neem Oil and Bergamot for a protective action



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Kit Berganeem Contains:

Protective Action Spray Lotion

Berganeem Spray Lotion comes from the perfect combination of two high quality natural elements: bergamot oil and neem oil.

Its special formulation with raw materials from organic agriculture: Bergamot oil, neem oil, lavandula, peppermint, thyme, tea tree, creates a barrier effect, alleviating and purifying the skin irritated by insect bites.

How to use: spray evenly on the animal from a distance of 20/30 cm.

Shampoo with Protective Action

Berganeem shampoo comes from the perfect combination of two high quality organic natural elements: bergamot oil and neem oil that synergistically create a 'protective action assisted by malaleuca, tea tree, lavandula, peppermint, thyme and zinc that cleanse deeply and gently oily and impure skin.

Bergamot is a typical Italian citrus, grown exclusively in Calabria with immense pharmacological, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties; among its many properties is excellent for a protective, anti-stress and deodorant action par excellence, it has the power to neutralize strong odours, great as a refreshing, emollient and invigorating for the skin.

Neem oil, like all vegetable oils, has moisturizing, emollient, regenerating and restructuring properties for the coat.

The exclusive matrix of these essential oils of Bergamot and Neem make the product an excellent barrier effect but also an excellent detergent that respects the physiological pH.

The main ingredient, zinc, relieves itching and annoying skin irritation.

Product size 200ml and 250 ml

Kit Berganeem
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