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Kit Màkari Color Red Poodles Contains:

Shampoo Color Bio Shampoo Red

Màkari Bio Color Red Shampoo is designed to enhance the beauty of the red coats, highly professional product designed to give back to the red coats their natural colour, innovative because it brings the coat back to the original color by penetrating deep into the hair structure. Its Organic formulation with Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary and Cananga oil, gives splendor to the coat. It Nourishes, Moisturizes, Restructures and gives Body and Volume to the coat of the poodles. The Cananga Oil eliminates the frizz effect giving strength and brightness to the arid and discoloured coats making them more full-bodied and silky enhancing the natural reflections. Rosemary Oil has a purifying action on the skin and restructuring on the lengths. Chamomile soothing properties makes it a regenerating and relaxing shampoo. Màkari Bio Color Red Shampoo combines in a single product a delicate Organic cleansing shampoo with a revolutionary natural dye treatment. Effectively revives the colour of the coat in the shades of red.

Mask color bio red

Màkari Bio Color Red Mask is a highly professional organic product, designed to regenerate and enhance the beauty of the red coats, innovative because it brings the coat back to the original colour penetrating deep into the hair structure. It revives, tones, gives brightness, brilliance and intensity of colour to the coat. Its special formulation is rich in organic plant extracts: Lawsonia inermis 100% vegetable enhances the coloring of the pigment; calendula soothing and refreshing; lavandula rebalancing and soothing; poppy from high antioxidant power; together with vitamin E they give to dry, damaged, exploited and weakened coats hydration and shine. Màkari Bio Color Red Mask has a 'high balancing power of sebum, restructuring, protective and reflective. Within the formula there are fine pigments that ensure the complete saturation of hair colour giving a uniform, deep and intense reflex. Effectively it revives the colour of the coat in the shades of red.

Hyper detangling spray conditioner

Break up spray conditioner maintenance hyper-detangling is a powerful conditioner with Aloe vera, ready to use, of the highest quality ideal for long and curly coats of dog and cat. The high concentration of aloe and essential oils forms a protective film on the coat, which clearly decreases the formation of knots, nourishes, restructures and strengthens the hair protecting it from dehydration and dryness. Prevents felting and strengthens the brittle hair giving liveliness and shine, softens the skin and at the same time detangles the hair. The immediate result is a perfect docility to the comb and an excellent shine. The "no rinse" method allows the product to protect the hair from external agents, which are the first cause of felting and knots giving the coat shine, resistance and elasticity. Particularly suitable for Dogs and Cats with soft and silky hair for EXPO to obtain a grooming always at the Top without damaging or altering the natural characteristics of the animal’s hair.

Kit Màkari Red
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