Extra strong spray hairspray

Break Up Professional Extra Strong Hairspray is specifically designed to give body and volume to the hair without gluing or weighing it down.

In addition to the excellent fixation, it provides restructuring qualities, gives the hair shine and waterproofing.

Break Up Hairspray Extra Strong is a product created with ingredients from organic farming: cornflower, millet, limonene, lemongrass, with proteins and vitamins but at the same time it naturally gives an excellent fixation of the end of the hairstyle and allows you to model the hair quickly and easily. hairstyle.

Excellent fixing for expo top knots-gives volume and shine, has an extra strong hold.

Resistant to movement or shaking by dog and cat. Without gas.

Break up Lacquer is recommended:

For all dog and feline breeds that require fixing from Expo.

To give volume and shine.

For bio fixing without gas.

How to use our Hairspray

Spray the product at a distance of about 20-30 cm directly onto clean and combed hair, shape as desired with the comb.

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